The Innovative Gold Prospector

Ararat Gold

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Some ideas and speculations for practical minded ‘do it yourself’ gold prospectors.

The introduction of detectors has seen a relative information decline about other means of finding gold. Manufactured products have also replaced a lot of backyard construction and experimenting. This manual has been inspired by ‘Ion Idreiss’s Prospecting For Gold’ and is for the backyard workshop individualist and seeks to encourage the tradition of Australian innovation. The manual looks at aspects of panning, sluicing, cradles, trommels, hardrock prospecting & stone crushing, mercury amalgamation and windlass construction and numerous small tips and ideas from the point of view of learning, experimenting and ‘doing it yourself’. It requires basic prospecting skills & language jargon, workshop & tool knowledge and a flair for engineering things out of junk. There are no construction plans.

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