Sandman system

Ararat Gold

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Find a suitable location containing plenty of sand, gravel, water and hopefully gold. Set and secure the collection bucket nearby and then pump the hand dredge to gain a prime and fill the bucket with enough water to weigh it down. This will provide initial stabilization for the bucket when you start to collect material. Begin suction collection of your material. Suction and collect as much material as the bucket can hold or that you can easily move to your processing equipment. To empty, remove open the  lid on the bucket to transfer the collected material to your pan, sluice, high banker or whatever material processing equipment you prefer to use. Close the lid and begin again. It's as simple as that! OPERATION Operational tip: When in slow moving water you only have to set the bucket in place and begin collection. Within fast moving water it is advised that you tether the bucket with a rope or other suitable restraining strap attached to a stake or ground screw driven into the streambed or bank nearby. Alternatively, a large rock or other natural anchor will work as well. Tethering the bucket to yourself has been done but is not advised as fast moving water may pick up the bucket and carry it away and while doing so may possibly drag you down stream with it.