Rock Crusher

Ararat Gold

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This rock crusher is designed for sampling and small batches of rock (not as a production machine).  It is a light weight, economical and high speed crusher. This crusher is easily transportable.

It crushes a variety of rock types, and the harder the rock the easier it shatters.  It also crushes black sand concentrates to release gold particles ready for more refinement.   Uncrushable particles pass through the crusher without damage.

Rock is gravity fed into the hopper and it falls into a tube.  Centrifugal force slams the rock into a hardened steel impact wall at high speed.  All crushed material goes into an 18 litre (5 gallon) sealed chamber. 

It has a mounted 5 horsepower engine. The maximum rock size the unit will process is 2.5 centimetres.  If finer results are required, multiple grinds can be done.  

Shipping Weight: 46kg Dimensions 111cm x 51cm x 52cm


Due to the weight, size and stock availability.

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