Pro Gold Premium Panning kit

Ararat Gold

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This is a great panning kit that contains all that you need to get started panning.


  • 1 x 15" Dual Riffle Pan - the pan has three separate panning zones. (90 degree riffles, mini riffles and the flat sidewall) This allows a variety of panning techniques to be used to ensure recovery of all of the gold.
  • 10" Single Riffle Pan - this pan has the large 90 degree riffles and the flat sidewall
  • Hex-Mesh Classifier - removes the large rocks and sifts the aggregate into the gold pan.  It has handles and fits perfectly on top of the 15" gold pan, or a standard 20 litre bucket.
  • Also inclluded in the kit are: a Getting Started Guide, an Iron-Separator Magnet, Vacuum Suction Bottle, Double-Loupe Magnifier (3x, 5x), Micro-Gold Storage Vials and Gold Transfer Pipette.