Makro Gold Racer Pro Package

Ararat Gold

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Finds the tiniest nuggets, micro jewelry and even coins with the most sensitive and versatile gold detector ever made.

 Built on the cutting edge RACER technology, the Gold RACER offers advanced gold prospecting capabilities. Operating at 56 khz frequency, the Gold RACER detects the tiniest nuggets while ignoring harsh ground conditions and hot rocks in gold fields around the world.

 Apart from its exceptional ground handling capability, the waterproof search coils make the Gold RACER an excellent gold detector for use in streams and rivers, too.

 Advanced features such as iSAT (intelligent Self-Adjusting Threshold), iMASK (intelligent Masking), Tone Break, Audio Boost, superior discrimination ability as well as its improved ergonomics make this detector the most versatile detector on the market for finding nuggets, micro jewelry and even coins.