Long Nose Mini Highbanker

Ararat Gold

Regular price $300.00

Ararat Gold now has a  long nose version of the mini highbanker.
This highbanker is designed for back packing, as well as just people wanting a small compact highbanker. But now with the extended length, ha increased gold capture with no need to add another sluice to it, to make a extended tray
The bottom tray is now 1160mm long x 180mm wide
The top tray is 400mm long x 170mm wide.
The spray bars are 25mm pvc pipe with slots cut into them
The punch plate is 3/8 holes.
The legs are  rear 300mm long, front 250mm long.
The matting is is in 2 sections. The top section can be moved and cleaned interdependently to the lower section. The miners moss is rubber backed, and aluminium expanded mesh and a removable reverse riffle
The aluminium is marine grade, 1.60mm thick