Keene Mighty Midget Dry Blower

Ararat Gold

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Simply the lightest, most compact, portable and efficient Dry Blower on the market.  It features:.

  • The easy turning hand crank controls the vibration, enabling heavier materials to settle faster.
  •  The oversized Marlex hopper has an adjustable flow control to provide an even flow of material with increased capacity. 
  • The dual riffle design greatly improves fine gold recovery and has a snap latching system which makes removal of the riffle tray very easy for clean up. 
  •  A 12 Volt battery and motor can operate the vibrating crank shaft for faster settling of heavier material. 
  • Efficient, light, portable and a breeze to operate, this Dry Blower is absolute value.

Shipping Dimensions: 1 Box -104cm x 61cm x 43cm Weight 27.2Kg


Due to the weight, size and stock availability.

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