Keene 16HVS Dry Blower

Ararat Gold

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This is the Complete Keene Engineering 161  DRY Blower/Washer

This Mini Drywasher has all the same AMAZING features as the Professional 190 Series. This smaller version is extremely lightweight and compact making it ideal for packing into remote locations. The NEW 160 provides Super Fine Gold Recovery with a dustless operation making this the perfect machine for family outings. This drywasher can good, stead volume rates per hour, more than enough capacity to keep one man extremely busy. Weighs only 13.15kg and can be picked up and carried by one hand with its detachable handle. (Shipping weight is 18.14kg).

“Blast Gate Technology“ provides for adjustment of vibration and air pressure.
“Scrubbing Pins”
 separate and liberate stubborn gold and creates an even flow of material.
“Enclosed riffle bed”
 creates a dust free environment and a compact single unit design for an 
extremely efficient machine.


Due to the weight, size and stock availability.

Before purchasing please check stock availability with us, as well as your address so we can work out accurate out freight costs. As well as best freight method.