Extension Sluice Tray

Ararat Gold

Regular price $180.00

We now offer a extension sluice Tray.

The trays are custom made to suit customers needs. 

The one pictured is a customers order.

The tray is 1200mm long x 265mm wide and 75mm sides.

Its fitted with rubber backed miners moss and expandard mesh. It also has a adjustable reverse riffle fitted, which can me moved or taken off, and even reversed and used as a normal riffle. The section is 300mm long so this section can be removed and cleaned to check for gold, without the need to have to remove the whole mat. The rubber around the back edge is to help seal the sluice against the other tray. The 2nd pic showing the extension fitted to the oz wash sluice showing the legs added these legs are a extra cost over the $180.00 

The price of the unit pictured is $180.00 

If more information about the customisable sluice tray please contact us.

Please note: The highbanker is not included in the price