Dry Blower

Ararat Gold

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 This dry blower is 100% designed with CAD and is precision laser cut and CNC folded with very tight tolerances. Powder coated finish inside and out. The hopper has a dirt flow control gate and aluminium expanded mesh classification screen.
The bed has a zinc plated riffle tray with 3x 90deg riffles and 2x return riffles to trap any fine gold that may escape over the first 3 riffles. The electrostatic cloth traps even the finest flour gold. The internal vibration unit is fully adjustable to control the vibration required for your soil type. It creates high vibration at very low engine RPM's.
This dry blower has pneumatic wheels and hinged handles allowing it to be moved around with ease. Something else our competitors do not offer. Hopper angle is fully adjustable, as is the position and the angle of the riffle bed. The whole unit comes apart easily with R-clips, allowing it to be pulled down for transport in very little time.
We have tested this unit compared to several other manufacturers and it outperforms both in speed of recovery and also amount of fine gold trapped. This unit will keep 2-3 strong operators busy all day as it chews through the dirt.

It will require a small petrol leaf blower motor to be purchased separately as well as 3 metres of 75mm flexible hose. Most petrol leaf blowers are suitable.

Hopper dimensions: 600x300mm
Riffle Tray dimensions: 600x200mm