1120 Heavy Weight High banker

Ararat Gold

Regular price $720.00

The Heavy Weight highbanker, is made from 2.0 mm Marine grade aluminium, and is welded, with a bigger top tray.                                                                                            The bottom sluice tray is 1120 mm long x 254mm wide and 80mm high.                          The top tray is 740mm long x 240mm wide x 170mm deep.The spray bar is 40mm pipe with double slots cut into them. The legs are 10mm steel that are adjustable.                       The matting is miners moss  with expanded mesh and a adjustable reverse riffle fitted, at the top. Then rubber v matting with honeycomb rubber matting and raised Z matting overlaid on the bottom section.                                                                                           The top section can be removed and cleaned to check for gold, without the need to disturb the lower larger section of matting.                                                                      Miners moss can be fitted to the whole bottom sluice tray if required. There will be a cost increase for this option. Different size spray bar can be fitted if required.                            The v matting shown in the top tray is a extra option, as well as a clay claw, if required.