Armstrong Industries Mini777 Impact Rock Crusher

Ararat Gold

Regular price $1,700.00

It is the smallest of the GRB range. It is perfect for the weekendprospector as it can be operated at home or on the goldfield.  

It has a 550 Watt electric motor which can be run by a 2KVA or above generator.

It has a simple On/Off selector switch.

No more need for a dolly pot, what would normally take you hours can be done in minutes.

 The Cylinder size has a Diameter of 120mm and a Length of 150mm.

 Total Size

-Length  500mm

-Width  350mm

-Height 500mm

-Weight approx 30Kg

-Capacity approx 40Kg per Hour of soft rock

 -Cost $1500 with upgraded Impact bars (N.B $1400 with standard Impact bars available on request)

PLEASE NOTE DUE TO THE WEIGHT OF THIS ITEM. Please contact us prior to purchase to get a accurate freight cost